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HR tutorial

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management refers to all practices and formal systems devised by the companies to maintain proper relations with their employees and to keep them happy, sincere and willing at work. It helps with the people’s dimension in the organization. It helps the organization achieve its targets by focusing on employee’s care and increasing their productivity.


HR Definitions

1) According to Edwin Flippo:

“Planning, organizing, directing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are achieved.”

2) According to Ricky W. Griffin:

“Human Resource Management is the set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing and maintaining an effective workforce.”

3) According to Milkovich & Boud reau:

“Human Resource Management is a series of decision that affect the relationship between employee and employer: it affects many constituencies and is intended to influences the effectiveness of employee and employer.

4) According to M. J. Jucious:

“The field of HRM involves planning, organization, directing and controlling functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labor force.”

5) Michael Armstrong in his book “A Handbook of Human Resource Management”:

“HRM is a strategic approach to the acquisition, motivation, development and management of the organization’s human resources. It is devoted to shaping an appropriate corporate culture, and introducing programs which reflect and support the core values of the enterprise and ensure its success.”

HR tutorial

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